Our services

European Energy Company aims at establishing a long-term and efficient relationship with its clients, which is based on a gradual, systematic implementation of mutual projects. That is why, we always leave the space for a small heating unit in a rural community to develop into a large-scaled heat generating station, which would service a group of communities, city, district, region or a group of regions.

Our company provides its customers with project works. We do the construction and reconstruction of heating premises. Company selects, transports and installs the heating equipment, trains personnel as well as supplies the heating stations with fuel in order to make transition to renewable heat easy, affordable, understandable and convenient.

European Energy Company is neither a distributer of heating equipment nor energy consultant as well as intermediary. We generate heat from renewable fuel in order to supply it to our end-clients.

7 steps to success

1. Make a decision to switch to the renewable heat energy 14%
2. Contact European Energy Company 30%
3. Site visit of European Energy Company experts to your company or institution 45%
4. Preparation of draft technical solution 60%
5. Approval of technical solution by a client 75%
6. Signing the heat energy supply contract 90%
Affordable renewable heat energy is at your service! 100%



 10 kW of heat energy is required to heat 1 m² of a building


1 MW/hour of heat energy = 135-150 m³ of natural gas


1 MW/hour of heat energy = 1,6 m³ of wood (moisture 30%) or 0,25 t of wooden briquettes (moisture 10-12%).


European Energy Company covers all the expenses connected to one’s switch from natural gas to renewable heat energy source

* Notice! Each territory, region, municipality or building is unique and requires different approaches to as well as offers diverse settings regarding transition to renewable energy. The data, indicated above are generalized to provide the hints to rough calculations. Nevertheless, we are confident that renewable energy sources will always be an advantage in terms of cost, protection of environment as well as way of life for our customers.